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2021 World Hepatitis Day 7 ask you to quickly understand hepatitis B

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Update time : 2021-07-30 09:17:14
Hepatitis B is a chronic inflammatory disease of the liver caused by persistent infection of hepatitis B virus (HBV). It is one of the major diseases that endanger human health worldwide. July 28, 2021 is the eleventh World Hepatitis Day. This year's theme is "hepatitis, can't wait". On July 26th, "life without waiting, health without liver disturbance" line, under the science salon, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University affiliated Beijing Friendship Hospital, director of the liver disease center, Jia Jidong, deputy director of the Capital Medical University vice president of Chengjun, China CDC immunization program director Yu Wenzhou heart to solve common problems of hepatitis B were answered.

How does hepatitis B spread?

Hepatitis B and hepatitis B, hepatitis C, Ding Gan, AIDS are all transmitted through blood. Blood transmission specifically includes three: one is blood transfusion, traumatic skin and mucous membrane damage, as well as disinfection and invasive operations, including beauty, ear perforation, eyebrow tattoo, tattoo, etc. The second is mother to child transmission. If the mother is positive, it may infect the newborn in the process of newborn birth. The third is sexual transmission, which is caused by minor mucosal trauma of sexual organs and exposure of trace blood and body fluids.

It should be noted that hepatitis B is not transmitted through the digestive tract, that is, it will not spread through eating, nor will it be transmitted through the respiratory tract, nor will it be transmitted by mosquito bites.

Will blood donation infect hepatitis B?

Blood donation will not infect hepatitis B. First of all, the medical supplies for blood drawing are disposable and have no repetitive application. Secondly, the needle pressure during blood donation is one-way, not two-way or multi-directional communication. In addition, blood donation will be done for hepatitis B and hepatitis C nucleic acid testing.

Which group of people needs to screen hepatitis B?

In view of the way of transmission of hepatitis B virus, we can not avoid hepatitis B virus infection in our daily life and work. Therefore, in addition to neonatal immunization prevention strategies, for adolescents, adults, especially those who have not been vaccinated against hepatitis B vaccine before, should also be encouraged to screen.

Do not know how to do the infection of hepatitis B?

If you don't know if you have been vaccinated against hepatitis B, or even if you are infected with hepatitis B, the best way is to check five hepatitis B. If the results of hepatitis B examination show five full Yin, the most effective preventive measure is hepatitis B vaccination.

How to stop the transmission of hepatitis B virus from mother to infant?

Mother to child transmission is a very important way in hepatitis B infection in our country. Since China started from the source, the hepatitis B vaccine was generally inoculated to the newborn in 1992. The vaccination procedure is 0-1-6, that is, immediately inoculated immediately after birth, inoculating second needles in 1 months, and inoculating third needles in sixth months. Within 24 hours after birth, the earlier the inoculation of hepatitis B vaccine, the better the preventive effect.

Hepatitis B vaccine and hepatitis B immunoglobulin were used to block the neonates born to pregnant women with positive surface antigen.

How do adults get hepatitis B vaccine?

Adult hepatitis B vaccination is the same as that of neonates, followed by the standard vaccination procedure for 0-1-6 months, that is, immediately vaccinated immediately after birth, inoculating second needles 1 months later, and inoculating third needles in sixth months. After vaccination, the antibody titer of antibody responders will decrease over time, but the general population does not need to monitor the antibody level or strengthen immunization. But for high-risk groups, especially hepatitis B surface antigen positive or unknown newborn babies, 1-2 months after the whole course of hepatitis B vaccine, it is recommended to detect antibodies, such as anti HBs < 10 mIU/mL, need to be replanted. In addition, age, men, obesity, smoking and chronic diseases will reduce the immune response of hepatitis B vaccine, thereby reducing the protective efficacy of hepatitis B vaccine. Therefore, choosing the right vaccine to inoculate can result in better protection effect.

The other half is infected with hepatitis B, how to prevent it?

If one of the parties knows that they are infected with hepatitis B virus, they should inform the other party in time, and the other side should take timely immunization. After vaccination, the probability of HBV infection is significantly reduced. If the hepatitis B virus is a female, it also needs to block the transmission of hepatitis B virus from the angle of mother and infant.
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